Christie’s Fine Jewelry gives you the very best value in jewelry, either custom designed or from well-known designers, along with friendly, impeccable service that can only be found in an independent, family-owned business.  Advantages of an Independent Jewelry 
such as Christie’s Fine Jewelry benefits you, the customer, in many important ways.

With Christie’s, you have someone in your corner, someone who will make sure that you receive high quality merchandise and who is concerned to know you personally and to treat you right. As an independent, family-owned business, our reputation is crucial. 
Come see the difference that makes!

Advantages of an Independent Jewelry Store

Our independence is your independence! An independent jewelry store such as Christie’s Fine Jewelry benefits you, the customer, in many important ways;

More personal service. At Christie’s, we get to know you and your family as our neighbors. We want to help you because we care about you as persons.Better value for your money. With lower overhead and advertising costs, we can pass along those savings to give you higher quality for a lower price.Faster response times. Custom design and repair work can be completed more quickly, since we do it ourselves right on our premises. That means quicker delivery and service to you.Personal consultation from expert jewelers. Unlike the large chain stores, our staff is eager to work with you as long as it takes to help you find or design exactly the right piece. And we will follow up with you to make sure you are completely satisfied.Reduced risk. As an independent jeweler, our reputation is too important to risk by selling you inferior merchandise or by marking up prices only to mark them down again as a “sale.” At Christie’s, you’ll know what you’re getting: the highest value possible.Support for Your Local Community. Your patronage helps your local community by strengthening our local economy and through our company’s support of non-profit, charitable organizations.

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