OFS Corporation, founded in 1987, is a family-owned business. When we started, the “OFS” stood for “Office Furniture Services,” and we were focused on providing on-site furniture fixes such as scratch repairs, refinishing, and touch-up. As we built our reputation for providing quality service at convenient hours, the word spread and our business grew quickly. By 1990, we expanded our service area throughout Southern New England, and we added major woodworking companies as customers.

In 1991, we completed a major job that would prove to be a turning point for OFS. Aetna had decided to overhaul 14 passenger elevator cars in their main facility, and they chose us to provide the wood restoration. We collaborated with their architects and safety experts to refinish their wood veneers in-place, using an environmentally safe, non-flammable, waterborne finish. Two decades later, those elevators still look beautiful, and wood elevator car restoration has become one of our specialties.

In the years since, OFS has expanded its services to include metal restoration and in-shop architectural wood finishing, and we now work out of two 6,000 square-foot facilities in South Windsor, Connecticut.

Throughout more than twenty years of growth and diversification, OFS has remained true to our commitment to provide the best quality work at the fairest price. We’re no longer just the home of office furniture services. We are your source for Optimum Finishing Solutions!

We look forward to meeting your wood and metal finishing challenges and exceeding your expectations for years to come.

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