Podunk Mill dates back more than 200 years in South Windsor’s History.

It’s original dam, built by Colonists and Indians, is the oldest in Connecticut. The first mill was destroyed by a huge flood in 1750. In 1775, the mill was rebuilt by Joseph Rockwell. Corn, buckwheat, and rye were ground at the grist mill and stored in large bins until ready to be sold. The kitchen area was then the first Post Office with the miller as the postmaster. A brick yard and ice house were also on the property. Ice was cut on the pond, stored and covered with sawdust which made it last all year.

The Podunk Indians were once three clans, the Nameroke of Warehouse Point, the Hockanum of East Hartford, and the Scanticookes. They camped on the river, fishing for shad and salmon, hunting for deer and small game, raising corn, beans, squash, tobacco, and helping the Colonists build the dam. In return, the settlers gave them protection from the warring tribes of the Pequots and Mohigans.

Eventually, the dam was widened and recapped over the original field stone once built by the Indians, with a covered bridge. The building was completely restored with timbers and boards from nine tobacco sheds. This once crumbling, condemned, ex-mill, is now one of the most picturesque restaurants in Connecticut.

Today, with a reputation of excellence for over thirty years, The Mill on the River is the flagship restaurant of the Mill Restaurant Group. The Mill on the River is the perfect blend of traditional New England comfort and upscale dining elegance.

The Restaurant

Featuring an exciting menu of creative, modern American cuisine and an extensive wine and bar menu; The Mill on the River can please even the most discerning diner. Whether you’re looking for a romantic dinner for two or the perfect location to host a private function, The Mill on the River looks forward to accommodating you!


We offer flexible event packages to accommodate your budget and to make your event memorable. Call us or send an email to schedule your party today.


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