For more than 200 years people have been worshiping at Wapping Community Church.

 At first the meeting place was a crude shack about 20 rods northwest of the present church. The memorial stone placed in 1976 near the entrance to the educational wing celebrates the 200th anniversary and is near that spot. One hundred and ninety years ago our present church building was begun. It was erected by and for the different denominations existing in Wapping. The Baptists and the Methodists formed their own church organizations later, and the Congregationalists kept the church building.

Wapping Community Church, Inc. is now over 55 years old. Our present church organization was formed from the members of the Wapping Federated Church, which was made up of the old Congregational and Methodist Church members. The church sanctuary was completely renovated in 1953, an educational wing added in 1963 and the new offices and recreation wing were added in 1989.  The link between the sanctuary and the education wing was renovated in 2001 to make the sanctuary handicapped accessible and to provide a gathering room.

Our worship style is classical, informal and very friendly; people from many heritages are at home here. We are explorers, and we find in the tradition of Christianity a solid base from which to live and ask our questions.

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