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General News & Updates

Governor Lamont Allocates $15 Million From Coronavirus Relief Fund Toward Innovative Workforce Programs Connecting Workers To in-Demand Jobs

October 23, 2020
Governor Ned Lamont today announced that he is allocating $15 million from the state’s Coronavirus Relief Fund, which utilizes federal CARES Act money, to fund innovative workforce programs that will provide job training to more than 1,000 displaced workers in the state and connect them to high-growth, in-demand jobs.
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Governor Lamont Announces State Begins Allocation of $20 Million To Support Local Health Districts in Ongoing COVID-19 Response Efforts

October 21, 2020
Governor Ned Lamont today announced that the State of Connecticut has approved the first 21 local health districts and departments that will receive a portion of $20 million in funding the state was allocated as part of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Epidemiology and Laboratory Capacity Cooperative Agreement.
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Governor Lamont Creates Program To Assist Small Businesses Impacted by COVID-19

October 20, 2020
Governor Ned Lamont today announced that he is creating the Connecticut CARES Small Business Grant Program to assist small businesses and nonprofits that have been impacted by the economic downturn caused by the global COVID-19 pandemic. The program will provide businesses and nonprofits in Connecticut that have fewer than twenty employees or a 2019 payroll of less than $1.5 million with a one-time grant of $5,000.
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Weekly update to the regional travel advisory: Arizona and Maryland meet metrics to qualify, no areas removed

October 20, 2020
The regional travel advisory between Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York that directs incoming travelers from states with a significant community spread of COVID-19 to self-quarantine for a 14-day period was updated today: Arizona and Maryland have been added to the list of impacted locations that meet the metrics to qualify, and no states or territories were removed from the list this week.
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State of Connecticut launches color-coded, weekly COVID-19 alert map with guidance for municipal response

October 16, 2020
The Connecticut Department of Public Health today launched a new weekly, color-coded COVID-19 alert map for every city and town in the state, identifying the average daily case rate per 100,000 population over the last two weeks. The new weekly alert level is also accompanied by municipal-level guidance on recommended actions for individual residents, institutions such as schools, houses of worship, community organizations, municipal leaders, and local health directors. .
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Feds Streamline PPP Forgiveness Process for Smaller Loans

October 12, 2020
The U.S. Small Business Administration and Treasury Department have streamlined the Payroll Protection Program loan forgiveness process for loans of $50,000 or less.

The move is designed to give financial and administrative relief to the nation’s smallest businesses while ensuring sound use of taxpayer dollars, the agencies said in a joint statement.

The simpler loan application is a two-page document that asks the borrower a handful of questions, including the number of employees at the time of the loan application and the number at the time when applying for forgiveness.
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Governor Lamont Doubles Funding for Housing Assistance Program To Prevent the Spread of COVID-19, Extends Eviction Moratorium To End of 2020

September 30, 2020
Governor Ned Lamont announced today that he is doubling funding for the previously announced Temporary Rental Housing Assistance Program (TRHAP) for Connecticut residents impacted by COVID-19 from $20 million to $40 million.
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Department of Public Health releases comprehensive guidance and recommendations for all organized sports

September 25, 2020
The Connecticut Department of Public Health today released comprehensive guidance and recommendations for organized sports, including youth and adult club and private league play. The department had previously released guidance to scholastic athletic leagues in Connecticut concerning fall sports. The guidance is intended to guide local health departments, municipalities, and league organizers in assessing the risk of play, and will be revisited later in the fall or early winter as the COVID-19 pandemic progresses.
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Connecticut Moves Toward Phase 3 Reopening on October 8

September 24, 2020
Governor Ned Lamont today announced details for his plans to move Connecticut into Phase 3 of the state’s reopening amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The plan, which is targeted to take effect on Thursday, October 8, 2020, will ease some of the restrictions that were put into place on businesses and gatherings, while ensuring that the state continues taking a safe approach to limit spread of the virus.
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Survey Reveals COVID-19’s Broad Impact, Solutions for Rebuilding Connecticut’s Economy

September 24, 2020
The coronavirus pandemic has caused greater damage to Connecticut’s economy than the 2008-2010 recession according to the results of a new survey released today.

The 2020 Survey of Connecticut Businesses, produced by CBIA and the public accounting and business advisory firm Marcum LLP, illustrates how employers are navigating an extraordinarily challenging and unprecedented period.
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Expansion of the State’s Shared Work Program To Help Employers Navigate Economic Impact of Pandemic

September 23, 2020
Governor Ned Lamont today announced that as companies continue navigating the impact of the ongoing, global COVID-19 pandemic, the State of Connecticut will be expanding its Shared Work program, which helps businesses in the state prevent layoffs by allowing them to temporarily reduce employee hours and use partial unemployment benefits to supplement lost wages. The program will be expanded beginning the week of October 5, 2020.
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State Authorizes Fines for COVID-19 Violations

September 17, 2020
Violations of the state’s emergency rules mandating face masks and limiting public gatherings are now liable to fines ranging from $100 to $500.

Gov. Ned Lamont announced the penalties Sept. 14, including a $100 fine for not wearing a mask, $500 for organizing an event that exceeds size limits, and $250 for attending such an event.
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Over 2,000 Small Businesses Tap State COVID-19 Loans

September 10, 2020
More than 2,000 small businesses received COVID-19 pandemic assistance through the Connecticut Recovery Bridge Loan Program.

The average loan was for just under $20,000 and a total of 2,123 small businesses participated.
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SBA Launches New Small Business COVID-19 Loan Program

September 2, 2020
A new SBA loan program is designed to help Connecticut small businesses adapt to changing business conditions and weather future disruptions caused by the coronavirus pandemic.
The Community Advantage Recovery Loan program is designed for existing small businesses and start-up businesses in underserved areas of the state.
The loan, made through the Community Investment Corporation, provides technical and financial assistance to small businesses and start-ups.
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Governor Lamont Extends Connecticut's State of Emergency in Response To the COVID-19 Pandemic To February 9

September 1, 2020
Governor Ned Lamont today announced that he has signed orders extending to February 9, 2021, Connecticut’s states of civil preparedness and public health emergency in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Originally declared in March and scheduled to expire on September 9, the governor said that the states of emergency must remain in place in order for the state to effectively respond to the unprecedented and ongoing global pandemic.
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SBA Releases New PPP Forgiveness Guidance

August 28, 2020
The U.S. Small Business Administration released new guidance Aug. 24 regarding the treatment of business owners and forgiveness of certain non-payroll costs under the Paycheck Protection Program.
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Connecticut Producers Urged to Enroll in Coronavirus Food Assistance Program

August 21, 2020
The Connecticut Department of Agriculture is urging farmers and producers in the state to apply for the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Coronavirus Food Assistance program to provide vital financial assistance to absorb sales losses and increased marketing costs associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Governor Lamont Announces Launch of

July 29, 2020
Governor Ned Lamont today announced the launch of – an online, one-stop-shop where entrepreneurs can easily find information and quickly create a checklist with everything required to start up or manage their business in Connecticut. The online service will make it easier to do business in the state, support small business owners as a partner in their success, and improve citizens’ interactions with state government.
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Updated Rules for Specific Industries Announced

July 24, 2020
The Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development today announced that after consulting with industry leaders and public health officials, some updates have been made to the state’s previously announced industry-specific rules during the COVID-19 pandemic. The updates provide more specific guidance, as well as new recommendations for a broad range of sectors.
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Governor Lamont Reinstates Small Town Grant Program to Support Local Capital Improvement Projects

July 9, 2020
In an effort to support Connecticut’s municipalities while implementing projects that will give a boost to the economy and help in their response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Governor Ned Lamont today announced that he is reinstating the Small Town Economic Assistance Program (STEAP) – a state initiative that funds infrastructure improvement projects for towns that are otherwise ineligible to receive urban action bonds. To accomplish this, the governor is opening a new round of grants totaling $15 million.
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CT Back To Work Initiative

June 11, 2020
As Connecticut begins to reopen businesses and the economy, there are several resources available to support job-seekers and businesses get back to work quickly and safely. Governor Lamont and the state have forged several partnerships to provide residents with job-training for in-demand skills, and custom job portals with open positions across the state.
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Latest Guidance:


Phase 1 of Connecticut’s Reopen Plan began on May 20, 2020. Here are the sector rules that apply to businesses in this phase.

Phase 2 of Connecticut’s Reopen Plan began on June 17, 2020. Here are the sector rules that apply to businesses in this phase.

Phase 3 of Connecticut’s Reopen Plan will begin on October 8, 2020. Here are the rules that apply in this phase.

Keep Connecticut Safe: Did you visit a business that might be violating a COVID-19 safety requirement? Let us know here.

Masks and Face Coverings: Pursuant to Executive Order No. 7NNN, masks or cloth face coverings that cover a person’s nose and mouth are required to be worn when in public and a six-foot distance is unavoidable, whether indoors or outdoors. This does not apply to anyone for whom doing so would be contrary to their health because of a medical condition. Guidance on face coverings has been issued to the state’s businesses. To make a face covering at home, watch this video from the CDC

Travel Advisory: A travel advisory is currently in effect for anyone entering Connecticut from states with high community spread of COVID-19. Click here for detailed information on the travel advisory


The current rules for gatherings is as follows:

  • Indoor private gatherings – 25 people
  • Outdoor private gatherings – 100 people, one time exception for graduations at 150 people
  • Outdoor organized gatherings (e.g. fireworks, concerts in municipal parks) – 15 feet of space blanket to blanket, cap of 500 people. Event organizer responsible for compliance with guidance.
  • Outdoor event venues (e.g. amphitheaters, race tracks) – 25% of fire capacity and distancing
  • Fairs, festivals, and carnivals – up to 25% of last years attendance

When Phase 3 begins on October 8, 2020, the rules for gatherings will be:

  • Indoor private gatherings at commercial establishment/places of business – 50% capacity, capped at 100 people
  • Indoor private gatherings at private residents – 25 people
  • Outdoor private gatherings – 150 people
  • Indoor graduations – 50% capacity, capped at 200
  • Outdoor graduations – 50% capacity of 6-foot spacing, no cap
  • Indoor religious gatherings – 50% capacity, capped at 200
  • Outdoor religious gatherings – 50% capacity and 6-foot spacing, no cap

What’s Open in CT

Sector Status Notes
Amusement parks Open Must follow sector rules
Bars Closed
Beaches (state) Open Must follow safety guidelines
Beaches (town) Partially Open Check with individual town or review this list from DEEP
Bowling alleys Open Must follow sector rules
Construction Open Must follow safe workplace rules
DMV Partially Open – All deadlines for IDs and other credentials extended 180 days [info]
– In-person services require an appointment
– Select services can be completed online
Gyms and Fitness Studios Open Must follow sector rules
Hair Salons and Barbershops Open Must follow sector rules
Hotels Open Must follow sector rules
Libraries Open Must follow sector rules
Nail salons Open Must follow sector rules
Manufacturing Open Must follow safe workplace rules
Museums and zoos Open Must follow sector rules
Offices Open Must follow sector rules
Retail Open Must follow sector rules
Restaurants Open Must follow sector rules
School (PreK-12, summer) Open Must follow summer school rules
State Campgrounds Open All campers must make reservations in advance
State Parks Open Must follow safety guidelines
Summer camps Open Must follow sector rules
Spas Open Must follow sector rules
Tattoo Parlors Open Must follow sector rules
Theaters Open Must follow sector rules


Business Recovery

The Business Reopen and Recovery Center for the State of Connecticut is your one-stop resource to help your business prepare, rebuild, and grow during the State’s Coronavirus response.

Doing Business Under Covid-19 Restrictions

Business Assistance and Relief

License and Permit Guidance

Employee Support

Help Connecticut’s Recovery

Top Downloads for Your Business

Workers and Employers

The COVID-19 outbreak has had a significant impact on the lives of many Connecticut citizens, including Connecticut workers and employers. If your employment has been impacted by the COVID-19 crisis, please visit the websites below for employment and training opportunities, as well as to file for unemployment benefits.



Frequently Asked Questions for Workers and Employers – The Department of Labor has compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Connecticut workers and employers impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak. The FAQ is regularly updated and provides information on unemployment insurance, paid sick leave, wages and hours, and other employment-related issues. – To file or get more information about the unemployment process and requirements, please go to to file with your personal computer, tablet or Smartphone.


Job Search – Find a job! Make your resume available to leading U.S. employers. Schedule Job Search Agents to search for new matches automatically on the schedule you desire at Connecticut’s Job Bank!

Connecticut’s Reemployment Portal – Job hunting requires some creative thinking. CT’s Reemployment Portal helps you think about occupations and find jobs that match your skills and experience.

State of Connecticut Employer Search – Search for Connecticut Employers by industry, geography, occupation or company name. Find the largest companies in Connecticut or search all by region, WIA, or town. Click on a company name to view more information about that employer. This employer information is provided by InfoGroup®.

Shared Work – Workers can make their employer aware of CTDOL’s Shared Work program as an alternative to layoffs. The program allows employers to reduce employees’ work schedules by 10 percent to 60 percent during business slowdowns such as the COVID-19 crisis while supplementing workers with unemployment benefits for the reduction in work.


Training and Education

Connecticut Job & Career ConneCTion – A stop-by-step guide to the world of work – choosing an occupation, finding appropriate education and training, and finding the right job.

Connecticut Education & Training ConneCTion – Find schools and training providers in your area that offer the program or course you are interested in or those that will prepare you for the your chosen occupation.

Training and Education Planning System – Designed to aid the analysis and discussion of the demand and supply of talent in Connecticut’s workforce. It is intended to help identify where there may be skill shortages or surpluses in the labor market, and thereby guide investments in education and training programs by program planners and administrators, as well as by individuals considering career options.

Connecticut Careers in STEM – Research careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics