Marketing Plan

Thursday, May 13  |  3:00 pm

Presented by Liliana Serrano

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How to build your Marketing Plan:

A marketing plan is a significant portion of your overall business plan and is designed toidentify your ideal target market and how you’ll reach it.

Below the topics that we will develop more in depth during the bootcamp:


Business Information
Headquarters, mission statement, marketing team, etc.

Introduction / Goals
What you’re hoping to achieve and how

Competitive Analysis

SWOT Analysis
Identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Target Market
Explain who you will be marketing to

Buying Cycle
How, when and where your buyers buy


Unique Selling Proposition
Explain what differentiates you from your competition

Discuss how your brand is currently perceived and how you’d like it to be perceived

Talk about how you plan to improve your website

Marketing Channels
Explain how you will use the following channels to achieve your goals
– Content marketing
– Social media marketing
– Email marketing

Explain how you SEO strategy will be incorporated

Measurements and KPIs
Detail how you’ll be tracking the progression of your marketing plan

Marketing Strategy and Tactics
– Recap your strategy in a brief synopsis
– Include 4 – 5 tactic initiatives