New Homeowner Welcome Packet

Unlock Opportunities with New Homeowner Welcome Packet Marketing!

Are You Ready to Make a Lasting Impression on South Windsor’s Newest Residents?

The South Windsor Chamber invites you to showcase your business, events, and services in our exclusive Welcome Packet that are mailed to new homeowners each month! Seize this golden opportunity to introduce your company and connect with your new neighbors.

Be a Part of the Warm Welcome with Our Exclusive Welcome Packet

This is your chance to shine and introduce your business to South Windsor’s newest residents. Don’t miss out on this ongoing opportunity to make a strong first impression and connect with our vibrant community!

Reach out to new homeowners eager to discover local businesses.

Make a lasting impact and establish your presence in the community.

Boost brand awareness and loyalty among South Windsor residents.

Exclusive opportunity for members only

Why Market to New Homeowners?

Captivated Audience

Did you know that 85% of new homeowners actively seek local services upon moving in? By featuring your business in our welcome packet, you’re positioned to capture their attention at a crucial time.

First Impressions Matter

Statistics show that businesses featured in welcome packets enjoy a 70% higher recall rate compared to those relying on traditional advertising. Make a lasting first impression through our welcome packet to foster long-term customer relationships and loyalty.

Local Influence

Studies reveal that 9 out of 10 new homeowners actively explore local offerings after moving. Be a standout choice by positioning your brand in our welcome packet, becoming an integral part of their newfound community.

Maximum Visibility

In a cluttered marketing landscape, the welcome packet mailer stands out. Over 75% of new homeowners report using services or products featured in welcome packets, highlighting the effectiveness of this targeted approach.

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