Victor Dorobantu


Victor Dorobantu founded OtherDesigns in 2006. He started out printing custom magnets and offering them online, and since then he has grown exponentially year-to-year. OtherDesigns now offers a full range of printing and design services to clients all over the world who turn to us because, Victor believes, he has created the perfect niche – fast service, low prices, and a personal touch. “I talk to people all the time who tell me they are using an online printer because they think it’s cheaper. The quality is so-so, but they think they are saving money,” he said. “OtherDesigns offers much higher quality, personal assistance and one-on-one service, and I can almost always match and often beat those prices.” Victor is a believer in customer interactions, constant communication and supreme customer service. Outside of work he is a vintage posters collector, traveler and espresso enthusiast. Victor lives in South Windsor with his wife Einat and their two girls, Leah and Maya-Zoe since 2006.