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Committee members engage in prospecting, provide introductions to prospective members, and connect them to chamber resources, services, and opportunities.

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A member of the Outreach Committee is assigned to each chamber member to provide support and understand the needs of the members. The Outreach Committee is part of the link between the Chamber and its members and in so doing will seek to inform members about Chamber activities, identify any concerns members have about the Chamber, and identify the challenges they face.Further, the Committee will seek to be a catalyst for creating new programs and activities that can be tailored to the needs of individual members.

Who we are?

We are a committee of volunteer chamber members who want to help you maximize your membership !!

What we offer?

We offer a member’s perspective of maximizing your membership. We offer you the opportunity to strengthen your relationship with the chamber by learning member benefits in detail, discussing different ways to grow your business using the chamber platform, helping you find the right match (activity, events or professional connections) that adds value to your business. We become your go-to person.

When to expect our call?

New Members : Welcome 🙂 You will be contacted by Outreach Committee Chair or your assigned Outreach contact within the 1st week of joining the chamber

Existing Members : Chances are … you are already receiving your monthly email from your Outreach contact. We also make scheduled calls to get in touch with you. If you have not met with your contact, we highly recommend you do !!

Next Steps?

If we have not met, we look forward to meeting you over coffee or Zoom meeting!

If we have met, thank you for your time …. we hope you saw value in our service and we hope you will be a valued member for a long time !!

Outreach Committee Chair Person

Annie Mohanty

Annie Mohanty

Outreach Committee Chair

Annie Mohanty, Financial Services Professional with New York Life,  is a long time resident of South Windsor. She joined the Chamber in 2017. Annie strongly believes in the potential of Young Adults and empowering them to make decisions with confidence ! She is a Mentor in TEMS and SWHS, Fundraising coordinator with the Boy Scout Troop 62 SW and Chairs the Outreach Committee at the Chamber. Annie looks forward to being a valuable resource to the Chamber and the Community.

Would you like to learn more about  joining the committee?

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