Episode 4

BizTalk w/ John Carbone

September 22, 2020


Healthcare Plans


John Carbone, Access Health CT


Vasanth Kainkaryam

Jennifer Lovett

Amy Pinard

Episode Details

Watch the video to learn more about

  • What is Access CT and who’s using it.
  • Programs and options for small businesses.
  • Why a business would go Access Health CT rather than go to an insurance company directly and what role does an insurance broker have in that process.
  • Next steps for small businesses to learn more about the programs or enrollment.
  • 30 seconds worth pearls of wisdom to viewers.

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Crystal Financial Insurance Services

About The Guest

As Director of Access Health CT SHOP and Product Development, John works with employers, brokers, vendors and carrier partners to increase the visibility, membership and understanding of our Small Group products and Standalone dental plans.

Prior to joining Access Health CT, John held positions with MD Health Plan, HealthNet and The Health Consultants Group. His over 25 years of working experience in the healthcare industry has provided him the understanding and intellectual capacity to act as an assertive, driven leader with an abundance of expertise focused on a client-centered approach.



John Carbone
Access Health CT


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