Episode 10: BizTalk w/ Kim & Noelle

Episode 10: BizTalk w/ Kim & Noelle

Episode 10

BizTalk w/ Kim & Noelle

March 2, 2021


Inclusive Employment


Kim Morrison & Noelle Alix, Co-founders of BeanZ & Co.


Vasanth Kainkaryam

James Babcock

Episode Details

Watch the video to learn more about

  • What having an intellectual and developmental disability means
  • The high unemployment rate of 80% for individuals with IDD
  • The educational background and training of individuals with IDD
  • Benefits and challenges of being an inclusive employer
  • How a small business would go about creating a position for someone with IDD and the available resources

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About The Guests

A restaurateur and caterer, Kim Morrison is passionate about making the world a better place to eat, work and live. Founder of The New England Pasta Company and co-founder of the inclusive café and coffee shop, BeanZ & Co., Kim is creating hope and inclusive employment opportunities for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). Kim’s daughter Megan who has Down syndrome was the inspiration for Kim to partner with long-time friend Noelle Alix in opening BeanZ & Co.—a place where everyone belongs. Kim and Noelle’s mission? To promote inclusive workplaces everywhere.

Noelle Alix is an inclusive employment advocate and co-founder of BeanZ & Co., and by day is a finance attorney with the international law firm, Vinson & Elkins LLP. Appreciative of all those who made inclusive education a reality for her daughter Cate who has Down syndrome, Noelle was eager to do her part to break the next glass ceiling of inclusive employment for those with IDD. Noelle and Kim have witnessed the benefits of doing so at BeanZ & Co. and encourage other employers to follow their lead—one employer, one employee at a time.

To learn more about Kim Morrison and Noelle Alix and BeanZ & Co.’s inclusive employment mission visit: beanzandco.com

Kim Morrison
BeanZ & Co. Co-Founder

Noelle Alix
BeanZ & Co. Co-Founder