Episode 7

BizTalk w/ Daniel Rosow

December 22, 2020


Real Estate


Daniel Rosow, Real Estate Advisory Group LLC


Vasanth Kainkaryam

James Babcock

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  • Many landlords and tenants are struggling with rent, volume, productivity, and leaving a lease can be hard. What strategies have you employed?
  • What is your recommendation for businesses that are thinking about buying commercial property and offices vs. leasing, or those that are leasing and are thinking of buying?
  • How has COVID changed commercial property management and what new techniques have you implemented?

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About The Guest

Dan Rosow, owner of REAG NE, has a 25+ year career in commercial, retail and industrial real estate. He is a member of numerous industry associations and frequently moderates real estate marketing sessions around the country. Using his vast experience, he leads his firm in representing clients as buyers, sellers, and tenants, implementing the correct strategies to accomplish their real estate goals. The firm also specializes in repositioning under-performing assets.

Daniel Rosow
Real Estate Advisory Group LLC


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