Episode 8: BizTalk w/ Liliana Serrano Rojas

Episode 8: BizTalk w/ Liliana Serrano Rojas

Episode 8

BizTalk w/ Liliana Serrano Rojas

January 21, 2021


City Marketing


Liliana Serrano Rojas, Innomarket Innovative Solutions LLC


Vasanth Kainkaryam

James Babcock

Committee Members

James Babcock, NewHeight Creative LLC

Michael Sanzo, Imperial Oil & Plumbing Co.

Annie Mohanty, New York Life

Jennifer Lovett, Crystal Financial Insurance Services

Vasanth Kainkaryam, 4 Elements Direct Primary Care

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Crystal Financial Insurance Services

About Liliana

Liliana is a professional with over 15 years experience in Strategic Marketing, Communication, Sales and Organization of Events and Conventions.

Her commitment to clients includes the creative development of their ideas to the complete implementation of their projects.

She has worked in companies specialized in City Marketing and Political marketing, for both the private and public sectors.

Liliana currently works as Director of City Marketing and Strategic Marketing at Innomarket Innovative Solutions LLC.

She is a Mother, a professional, an entrepreneur, a dreamer, but most of all she is a doer.





Liliana Serrano Rojas
Innomarket Innovative Solutions LLC